Top 5 Most Beautiful Squares of Paris

Famous squares of paris

Top 5 Most Beautiful Squares of Paris

Some of France’s most beautiful public squares are found in Paris. Our team has come up with 5 of their favourite squares in Paris.

1. Place de la Concorde

Fountain in the Place de la Concorde

Flickr: Stephen Carlile

The glorious Place de la Concorde is arguably the most prestigious square in the France Capital and is renowned for its important part in the country’s history.

2. Place Dauphine

Place dauphine in Paris

Flickr: Jacob Tomaw

Place Dauphine is a small public square beautifully situated in the Île de la Cité. With Place des Vosges, the square is one of the oldest ones out in Paris.

3. Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges

Flickr: dvdbramhall

Often considered as one of World’s most attractive public squares, Place des Vosges, previously called “Place Royale”, is a perfect symmetrical square surrounded by 36 buildings, including the Victor Hugo museum.

4. Place Vendôme

Place Vendôme in Paris

Flickr: Bertrand Duperrin

The famous Place Vendôme in Paris’ first arrondissement rated as one of France’s most luxurious squares. Located to the north of the Tuileries Garden, it is a splendid example of neoclassical architecture in the country.

5. Place de l’Étoile

Place de l’Étoile in Paris

Flickr: Wally Gobetz

Also called Place Charles de Gaulle, The Place de l’Étoile is a large road junction in Paris, the meeting point of 12 straight avenues including the Champs-Élysées.