Saravana Bhavan (Indian Vegetarian Restaurant)

Saravana Bhavan Paris

A cool Indian vegetarian restaurant widely visited by the Indian community. Surely Saravanaa Bhavan is a true institution, this indian restaurant is a chain with branches in another 10 more countries. It doesn’t if you are in Paris, New York or Dubai, the food tastes absolutely and exactly the same.

Saravana Bhavan Restaurant Menu Recipe

This 80 seat restaurant is in a completely different class from its competitor. The internal design of Saravanaa Bhavan is very attractive with its black tables and design sofas.

If you like the experience of trying everything, the best solution is to invite your family andĀ friends around a whole bunch of dishes – most of them are largely filling, and especially if you order a lassi to drink at the same time.

Address: 170, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
10th ArrondissementĀ 
Phone: 01 40 05 01 01
Hours: 10.30am-11pm Daily
Transport: Metro: Gare du Nord