The Rodin Museum

Rodin museum is a monographic museum that was created in 1919, opened in 1919 and was inaugurated on November 29, 1929. It was dedicated to Auguste Rodin, a French sculptor. The museum has the largest collection of sculptor’s work at two sites, at Hotel Biron and central Paris surrounding grounds, and at Rodin’s old home at Meudon, just outside Paris.

Art Collections:

Rodin museum has a collection which includes 8,000 drawings, 6,600 of sculptures, 7,000 objects d’art and 8,000 drawings. The most attractive collection in Rodin museum is Rodin’s best known work, The Thinker statue ( 1880-1882) which sits on the outside of the museum at the entry of the courtyard. Other artist’s work found in the museum’s rooms include External Springtime (1884), The Kiss (1886), Bronze Age(1875-1876) and Calais Burgers'(1884).

Rodin Museum the thinker statue

Rodin Museum Hours:

  • The museum open daily except on Mondays.
  • The museum, temporary exhibition, shop and garden open 10am-5:45 pm and last tickets are sold at 5:15 pm.
  • The late openings on Wednesday run until 8:45 pm.
  • However, Rodin museum is always closed on 1st of January and May, and 25th December.


Metro: The museum is served by invalids (line 13, line 8), Varenne (line 13)

R.E.R: Invalids (line C)

Bus: 69, 82, 87, 92.

Car parks: are at Bd des Invalides.


The permanent collection are as follows; full rate 6€, reduced rate 5€.

18-25 citizens from countries outside the Europian Union pays 5€.

18-25 from EU countries is Free.

rodin museum tickets pass

Visiting Tips:

Each month the museum offers free admission usually on every first Sunday. During cultural activities, admission is as follows; Individual (full rate 6€, reduced rate 4.5€), group (full rate 100€ , reduced rate 80€) and Education (school) at 50€. In the garden (full rate 2€, reduced rate 1€, monthly subscription 6€ and yearly subscription 15€)

Their phone is +33 (0)1 44 18 61 10 and Fax: +33 (0)1 44 18 61 30