Parisian Apartment Found Untouched for 70 Years

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Like the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, where time has stopped … a Parisian apartment, vacant since 1942, was discovered in the Pigalle red light district, right next to the Church of the Holy Trinity.

Behind its door, covered with a thick layer of dust, a 140 meters apartment had been abandoned for 70 years! It was during World War II that the owner, Madame de Florian, went to the south of France escaping the Nazi raid, a departure that will have no return for that woman.

After her recent death at the age of 91 years, the bailiffs have found a real treasure frozen in time for 70 years. The woman’s heirs decided to make it a Parisian “Time Capsule” apartment with its preserved treasures inside. Old wood stove, beautiful wooden ceilings, prewar lint, stone sink or old love letters … everything has stayed undamaged for more than half a century!

But the story would not have such an interest without the treasure found in the apartment, a masterpiece by the Italian painter Giovanni Boldini was hanging in the living room. The painting showed Marthe de Florian at the age of 24, former actress in a pink muslin dress. Among the admirers of this woman was Georges Clemenceau. The painting was sold for a $3.4 million, a world record for the artist.

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From Florian Parisien Flat CREDIT “AFP/MARC OTTAVI”

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From Florian Parisien Flat CREDIT “AFP/MARC OTTAVI”

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From Florian Parisien Flat CREDIT “AFP/MARC OTTAVI”

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From Florian Parisien Flat CREDIT “AFP/MARC OTTAVI”

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From Florian Parisien Flat CREDIT “AFP/MARC OTTAVI”

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From Florian Parisien Flat CREDIT “AFP/MARC OTTAVI”

via [Telegraph]

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