The Cinémathèque Française

cinematheque francaise paris theatre

A required place for film lovers in the city of light, the Cinematheque Française Museum and Film Center is located in a building designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry. The Cinémathèque contains a film museum with a permanent exhibition of cinema through its vibrant history, and also hosts frequent temporary expositions that pay tribute to filmmakers mainly.

The theater is home to several retrospectives of classic films, and the program also emphasizes the directors and actors. The Cinémathèque Française also includes a library of movies, also an extensive collection of movie posters, photographs, stills, books and courses. In brief, if you are interested in the history of French cinema, set aside some time for an afternoon at the Cinematheque.

cinematheque francaise paris

The museum is a treasure trove of archives related to the history of celluloid, the permanent collection at the Cinematheque has hundreds of artifacts. The museum traces the history of cinema through the development of optical instruments and magic lanterns, showing how new technologies made moving films possible.
Other notable sections of the museum are legendary costumes, movie posters, collections of scripts, notes and drawings, and other artifacts. Scenes from films that have marked the history of film are played throughout– from Hitchcock to Charlie Chaplin, Fritz Lang or Francois Truffaut.

Address: 51, rue de Bercy, Paris
Phone: +33 1 71 19 33 33