Jazz Club Etoile

Le Meridien Jazz Club Etoile Paris

The Méridien Etoile’s Jazz Club is now one of the most famous Paris clubs for jazz fans, and it did host some of the music legends such as Cab Calloway, B.B. King or Lionel Hampton. With all kind of music in the menu, starting with Funk, Blues, Soul …etc.

Jazz Club Etoile in Paris
Besides music, the Jazz Club Etoile serve its visitors a delicious french cuisine, as for the Japanese Chef Kido Toshiyuki, who cook a wonderful Sushi and other of his traditional foods. And it also got an interior garden called ‘Le Patio Etoile’ open seven days a week from 12pm.

Address: 81, boulevard Gouvion Saint Cyr, Paris
Phone: +33 1 40 68 30 42
Website: www.jazzclub-paris.com
Hours: Mon – Sat from 7am to 2am
Concerts: Thu – Sat from 9:30pm