Le Baron

Le Baron Club Paris

Le Baron Dance Club ParisFor a casual clubbing night in Paris, Le Baron should be the top of your choices list. Although it is a little hard to enter it, due to the huge number of its visitors, but it is worth trying.
Significantly smaller than its sister in New York, but still one of my favorite clubs in Paris. The doorman guarantees the strict door policy that just allow the chic crowd inside its, so if you are not on anyone’s guest list, you will need to come early. And you can drink their lovely self-named signature cocktail.

The crowd there, was made up principally by artists, models and fashion designers, and always vibing; surrounded by an excellent outfit decoration and enjoying in the same time some of the finest Hip-Hop, R&B and House tunes that make people dance insanely.

This is the place to be, accompanied with your after-night friends! Le Baron is a very fashionable club for the goofy, want to be seen, ambitious, poetic and ex-centric people.

Address: 6, Avenue Marceau, Paris
Phone: +33 1 47 20 04 01
Website: www.clublebaron.com